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You don’t want to lose all of the money that you just invested in your vacation do you?

Do you know that you are healthy and that you will be fine without insurance? Recent stories about travelers without insurance include:

  • Husband had a serious medical issue and had to leave the ship. They had no insurance. The local hospital could not treat his condition. They  had to come up with $25,000 to get the husband to a hospital that could take care of them. Do you have access to that amount of money?

  • Another family experienced a death in the family right before departure date. The family member was young, so nobody expected such a tragedy to occur. Without insurance, the family lost their entire cruise and air fare.

  • Yet another cruiser was subject to flight delays. Missing the ship meant that they had to buy additional tickets to catch up with the ship.

Seems that there are stories, like this one, about somebody who was unprepared and uninsured when an emergency occurred. Remember that insurance is to protect you against the unexpected emergencies that are out of your control. Foreseeable events are not covered. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could foresee the future?


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